2022-08-09 - 11:10 a.m.

I have procured my man, we are Facebook official as "in a relationship". Now I just have to figure out how to see him in person. I'm very nervous about all of this, I've truly not loved somebody this much in possibly my entire life. And he's 22 hours away by car. Anyway, now that I have procured him, I think I can settle down a little and get my shit together to make this all happen. It's for sure time for me to pull my shit together, gosh, it's been a long seven years.

Somebody in my neighborhood has been cooking a lot of meat recently. I am glad that my sense of smell is FINALLY coming back after having had covid, but I'm not happy that I just smell meat. Why in the world would the first thing I start smelling like a normal person be meat cooking in a neighbor's house? It's disgusting.

I have a lovely week this week, I hope. (Other than having to work five shifts in a hot and loud restaurant.)Thursday I might have a reservation at my favorite restaurant, they are totally booked but I think I can sneak in the bar around 4 and be ok. Saturday, Kalamazoo to celebrate my little brother's birthday. I have to make him a cake and a pickle pizza. And then, my nephews and other brother and sister in law will be in my neck of the woods for a few days and I'm very excited to see them. Very.

Kitties are hot and the raccoons stole all their dry food last night. So I had to, once again, get a door dash order of dry kibble early this morning. I really need to get my shit together.


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