2022-07-31 - 12:33 p.m.

I'm still not sad that I didn't make it to my reunion. I suppose I knew that I wouldn't be when my tire got fixed and I had the choice to just go home or get to the reunion two hours late. I AM sad that I didn't get to pick up my friend Matt and get him there. He and I became friends in fourth grade while on a school outing to the local pizza place (which became my first job years later). We've been lifelong friends since then. We played pinball and listened to music. Because I was in charge of the music situation for this reunion, I had several songs for our DJ to play for me and Matt. And he did play them. But neither Matt nor I were there. But my DJ put me on speaker for all three songs.

Anyway. I have a new job. My current place of employment is a total shit show and it's killing me. Despite the fact that I'm furious with them and I hate the stupid place. I still just spent two hours doing a beer order, on my day off, and I have to go in tomorrow, another day off, to do some organizing and a couple more orders. I usually don't even clock in for this sort of thing. I'll be there two hours at most. In the past I've always felt compensated enough by free food and drink and if I need to grab a pepper or a bag of coffee, it's all good. And my hourly wage, as a bartender, is $8. So what's the point? Anyway, when I go in tomorrow, I'm clocking in as a manager and getting $25 an hour and I'm probably going to stay there, f'ng around on my phone and taking a pepper for a few hours after I get all my tasks done. This is what happens when you treat your employees like shit. I know I've not been on the top of my game the last couple months. But damn it. I gave this restaurant my all for the last eleven years. Anyway, I have two new jobs lined up. The jobs are mine but I'm going in on Tuesday to both to make the formal application. It's a family I've worked for in the past and I have absolutely no doubt that I'll be successful in their restaurants.

Also, today is my wedding anniversary. I've been trying to not cry and go into a spiral of sadness. All the things, all the things. But I'm suspecting that I'll be in a spiral at some point today. The thing that really sucks about that is that usually, loud music can bring me out. But I can't listen to loud music because of this damn ear thing. So I'm making lentil soup and I'm going to watch happy movies a bit later and then have a chocolate malt for dessert.


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