2022-07-22 - 1:47 p.m.

Not that everybody doesn't already know this. But I am in a stupor of swoon love. My family, friends and coworkers are starting to come to terms with my swoon melts. I try to keep myself composed, but, I have to let it out from time to time or I'll just die. I love him so much. I keep myself proper while waiting on my guests (well, unless I'm scolding them, which I am good at), but then I'll just stand at the end of the bar and get a ridiculous smile on my face and go into a daze and all my coworkers roll their eyes at me.

Anyway, the garlic is harvested for the year, I didn't plant much else this year except tomatoes, herbs and peppers. Next year I want a giant garden again. But I'm glad I took this year to just not worry about anything other than cats and being in love.

Work is awful. I hate it. I'm not going to waste time with writing about how much I hate it and why. But I hate it.

Kitties are good. The raccoons stole all their food last night because I got home from work at a ridiculous hour and the door wasn't closed. So I had to do another god damn shit hell f door dash order this morning. And when I say they stole their food...they still had plenty of food, just not three dry kibbles they like.


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