2022-07-17 - 12:13 a.m.

I work at a fairly high end restaurant. Yes, we serve PBR and miller lite and if that's all you want, fine. (I also do have a six pack of Budweiser hidden in the cooler should some tall Texan come wandering in, just so you know.) If I overcharge you for beer on a $10 tab, I'll fix it. Anyway, we had a couple come in the other night, they are regulars, have been for the eleven years we've been in this location. They are, for sure, in the top three of annoying couples we have.They micromanage us like crazy. Someone will sit at the bar and the woman will gesture to me that someone sat down and will say, "I think they need a menu". We all ignore them and shoot them icy glares even though we get them extra ice and make sure they have a proper amount of butter on their bread rolls. They were in the other night and had dinner. Their bill was around $100. They were annoying as usual and whatever. So that was a few days ago. Today they came in just to tell me that I overcharged them $9. They didn't want come in for dinner or a drink. They specifically came in to to get refunded $9. On a $100 check. I was rather taken aback by the whole thing. Like, you made a whole trip to this restaurant to get $9 back? From three days ago? And you're not even going to eat lunch or have a drink? You came in just to get $9.

I've pretty much had it with people.

Except a tall Texan. And I gotta figure that whole thing out. I'm starting to get more crazy than usual. And, I love it.


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