2022-07-08 - 11:21 p.m.

I've mentioned my hair in a previous post. She's a splendor of feral and I love her. But there are couple spots who need a little tweaking. So every day, I put two little pin curls at my crown while I'm putting my makeup on and trying to get dressed in civilized clothes and not be such a crazy cat lady in twenty year old sweat pants. I will get myself civilized and head off to work. At the Beck Road exit, I will take my two pin curls out so they have ten minutes to do their thing before I arrive to work. Then, when I get to work, I pull my hair back with the pins and spray it with Aussie hairspray. Because we all know I'm fancy. Anyway, I always have bobby pins all over the place because if this. Today, I wore a cute little dress to work. And around noon, I went to my car and sat down in my seat and my cute little dress was too little to save me from searing bobby pins that had been collecting and heating up on my driver side car seat. I have a burn from bobby pins.

Most important in this whole grandmother was a bobby pin freak, too. I learned it from her. But I'm sure she never got an actual burn on her body from sitting on searing hot bobby pins. She used to put all her hair up in pin curls with a hair net, every night. I'm not going to say I loved her hair style. But I loved that she did that every night while she and my grandfather watched TV. I would play with my mother's and aunt's old barbie dolls (which I still have) and the the trolls and hanging monkeys (I wish I had them), and my grandmother would be putting her hair in pin curls. I loved that woman. I miss her every single second of every single day. So, now that I have bobby pin's makes me miss her every millisecond rather than every second.

I'm still in love. It's getting ridiculous. I can barely function. I haven't even met him in physical form and all I want to do is keep him on FaceTime all day (which he says is creepy). And then, because I'm in love and "glowing different", I have a lot of men (and women) trying to get me to go out with them. This sh*t is crazy. My mother tells me I need to tone down my hormones a bit. But I think I'm just going balls (or ovaries) to the wall with this. And I need to get to Texas.


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