2022-07-06 - 3:17 a.m.


So I didn't have a very accomplished day today because I had a lot of stupid stuff to do like paying bills and filling my tires with air, watering plants, feeding cats and blah blah blah. But I got to work relatively on time and it was slow (always is the day after a holiday). I cleaned a bunch of stuff and just kind of puttered on. I had a glass of lemon water on the bar for myself and I took a giant gulp of it and realized it was vodka that a server hadn't picked up yet. I don't drink liquor. Ever. Don't get me wrong, I'll drink you under the table with wine...but I don't drink liquor. It hits me hard. Thank god we were slow tonight. I drank a bunch of coffee (why I'm still awake at 3:30 in the morning) and ate a bunch of mashed potatoes but I still don't feel right. Me and liquor, no.

I'm still in mad love. But I do feel that he is pushing back, he needs to stop doing that and I need to get to Texas.

Kitties are good. They were out of a favorite food today that I can't get from my local pet store (because they suck), so I got them a DoorDash order from a store 15 miles away.


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