2022-07-02 - 12:20 p.m.

This man. He is the most succinct everything I ever dreamed of (except that he eats steak and eggs and has terrible taste in beer, so maybe not so succinct).I have to get to Texas. I'm becoming very frustrated that I can't get to Texas and I am having trouble restraining myself at work from killing those two stupid girls who ruined my ear drums. I love him. I suppose that prolonging our actual meeting one another in the flesh is something magical...but very torturous.

I was sick yesterday. The cottonwood trees are in their full glory and I'm terribly allergic to them. So I got my shift covered at work and I basically slept all day. I made some garlic soup and loaded it with hot pepper and it helped. I would like to eat that again today but I have to work and a garlic bomb bartender isn't usually a good idea.

Kitties are good. For some reason they have stopped sleeping in their room and have migrated to the couch. Which is weird. They've been sleeping in the spare bedroom for years. They have free reign of the house but this group of six has always slept on the bed in the spare bedroom and now they are on the couch. Which is fine, but concerning. So after work tonight I'm going to go buy them some new blankets and tomorrow I'm going to clean their room and set up a new cat tower. The kitties are definitely a little confused by my utter lack of presence because I'm in love.

In other news. I'm bracing myself for the fireworks. I got ear plugs and a boat load of wine. I do enjoy my yearly meltdown in the driveway yelling at everybody to shut up. But with my ears this year, I think it would escalate past mere yelling. At least the kids down the road are a little more grown up now and I don't think they stay at home much anymore. Thank goodness. They are the most annoying with random stuff being set off for 48 hours.


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