2022-06-14 - 1:37 p.m.

I do believe I’m in bliss out love. I’m feeling like a teenager. That’s all good until you need to adult and pull it together for even five seconds so you can find your debit card.

Ugh. I’m trying to reserve my spots for vegan month at my favorite restaurant, it fills up so fast so I have to get it reserved TODAY. You have to put down a deposit when you make the reservation and I can’t find my stupid card because I’ve been wandering around in bliss for the last two days. Anyway…being in bliss is wonderful. And looking for my card in bliss state made me really look around with a clarity I haven’t had in a very long time. I absolutely know that I was muting myself for quite a few years. Just bringing myself down so I didn’t have to feel anything. I think I’m over that phase of life now.

I took tomorrow off work because it’s supposed to be stupid hot and I’m just not having anything to do with that. I’m going to float in my pool all day and bliss the hell out.


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