2021-12-27 - 7:34 p.m.

So things aren't great. And I'm sick again. It isn't covid this time, I don't think. I got tested and it was negative but I'm nervous because when I actually had covid, I tested negative the first test and then the following day tested positive. So I'll have to get tested again before I go to work on Wednesday. I'm still trying to recover from that first round of awful, I'm sick of being sick. But I've had two tests which were negative now, so that's encouraging. I think I'm just so beaten down by all of this that I caught a normal flu bug. I went to urgent care, everything is fine. I'm just congested and coughing like a crazy person.

The good news is that the crazy vein in my eye that developed when I was going through my divorce is almost gone. It's pretty crazy. It appeared out of nowhere one day during a particularly stressful period of time of the divorce. I probably should have gone to the er because I remember it popping in my eye. Then it was a big red line through my eye for the next billion years. But it's almost gone.

Work is horrible and I have a novel to tell you about that nonsense.

Cats are ok. Toby is struggling and Ado is such an ass but I guess I love him for that? Everybody else is perfect and lovely.

That is all.


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