2021-06-02 - 10:30 a.m.

I am currently on vacation from work. Since restrictions are being lifted on restaurants entirely starting July 1, I figure I’m going to be in for a bit of hell for the rest of the summer. I’m trying to implement healthy things into my daily routine during this week off so that when I go back I can go back ready to deal with what I know is going to be awful and still manage to maintain a healthy spirit and body. Good luck, Whisper. Ugh. Maybe I’m wrong and it will be nice to get back to normal. I lived that routine for nine years. I do dread all the people in my face, though. We’ve been so damn busy this whole time but at least we could not allow people to just flood to the bar, four deep, waiting for drinks. I am excited to stop pooling tips (I’ve lost thousands of dollars because of that since November) and I’m excited to get cleaning people back. I don’t know why the owners of the restaurant decided to cut the cleaning people back to one day a week instead of every day...but they did. So that was a lot of extra work for all of us. And, like I said, we have been busy. I have access to the sales...we’ve been at normal level for months now. We are closed two days of the week, currently, so I guess I understand they’re trying to make up that lost revenue...but good lord, just open up those two days. I go in on Sunday or Monday to do my orders and the phone rings off the hook the entire two hours I’m there with people wanting to make a reservation that night. And people pounding on the door. I used to go in wearing my pajamas but I had to stop doing that with all the people coming to the door and knocking or peering in. Anyway. I’m enjoying my vacation. The garden went in yesterday. I still have some odds and ends to plant but the things that needed to go in ASAP are in. That’s a good feeling. Tomorrow I’m going to Kalamazoo, I finally get to see my family, all together! I won’t be able to see my stupid friends because none of them are vaccinated. My youngest brother and mother and my two nephews aren’t vaccinated, either, so I’m not going to risk possibly infecting them from my idiot friends. I’ll go back next week and make a special trip for idiot friends.

So, speaking of the vaccine. I got absolutely rocked by it. I’m finally feeling normal after about 4 weeks post second shot. Would I do it again? Absolutely, 100%. I feel very free and comfortable now. Living in fear, for me, was being around that virus all the time at work. Now I can breathe easy for a while. I think I’m still going to wear my mask even though, as of June 1, those of us fully vaccinated, aren’t required to. I know there are a lot of people lying and saying they are vaccinated but aren’t just so they don’t have to wear the mask. We have a couple of them at work. And I don’t know that I truly feel confident in the efficacy of the vaccine yet. We’ll see, though. The first 80 degree day I have to work, I’m sure I’ll say to hell with it.

Cats are fine. My Sketchy cat isn’t doing great and I don’t know what to do about her. I can’t give her medicine. She only weighs four pounds and every time I take her to the vet it take three vet techs and a frickin muzzle to contain her enough to get bloodwork or X-rays. She’s awful. She’s very friendly and lovable and super sweet at home, until I try to give her medicine. I get her thyroid medicine compounded so I just rub it in her ear and even THAT is a task! Who doesn’t love an ear rub? Sketchy Louise, that’s who. She smells bad, her hair is shit, she needs her nails cut....ugh. I have her a bath yesterday and I am shredded from the experience...but damn it, she got a bath. Today I’m going to work on the nails. You might not ever hear from me again.


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