2018-11-01 - 12:45 a.m.

OH MY GOD!!!! I can't believe my diary is still here! This is wonderful! I thought for sure it would be disappeared after all this time. Someone please remind me to back this up.

Things are fine. I GOT MY HOUSE. Stress and anxiety are strange things. I've blanked out after finally closing on this house in August. It was almost too much for me, the last three years of life and after it was all said and done and papers signed, I just shut down. I feel like my brain had to rewire and now I feel myself coming out of that weirdness, finally. I've actually felt elated here and there lately. And happy. It's so weird!

Cats are good. My Ernest died a couple weeks ago. It was unexpected and traumatic and I will talk about it but....everyone else is good and hopefully the rest will adhere to my GIVE ME FIVE YEARS OF PEACE plea.

Glad to be back. Will write more soon.


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