2018-07-11 - 12:57 p.m.

I’ve been living on my phone. I’m obsessively checking my email for mortgage stuff. I am seriously close to closing on this house but it’s a real nail biter.

I’ve been having dreams lately in which I end up cracking myself up and then wake myself up from laughing histerically. This has happened four times now in the last week. This is a huge difference from waking myself up from waitress nightmares (although, I continue to have those as well). The only thing I remember from the laughing dreams is from the first dream. I was with a bunch of friends and forgot my purse in my car, so I said I would find them and the hostess said, “don’t worry, we’ll bring you to your table.” And I said with this huge sense of superior humor and a little wink, “good, because I’m exhausted.” Like, in the dream I was implicating that they would carry me to the table. And everyone started laughing and then I woke myself up laughing. I really hope this trend continues.

I return to work today after eleven days off. I still have tendonitis but it’s manageable right now. We’ll see how tonight goes, if it makes it worse I’m going to have to get a steroid shot and go to physical therapy. This shit better go away before I close on this house. The second I close on it I have to start painting like crazy and moving rooms around and cleaning. This poor house has been so neglected for at least six years.

Kitties are so good.


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