2017-01-06 - 1:17 a.m.

Today. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Last night I finally got off work at a reasonable hour. I was so excited that I would get a normal night of sleep. But Eric woke me up early (for me) to tell me that Navin was not acting right. So I got up, went downstairs and found him basically passed out in his water bowl. I called the vet and got an appointment for an hour later. Because I am now trying to go to a vet who is five minutes down the street (and has so far done a fabulous job with my kitties)and not to my previous vet who is 45 minutes away, I decided to get back into bed for half an hour since it was still three hours before my normal wake up time. So I crawl into bed and close my eyes and for some reason my cat, Demasiado, whacked my face. And sliced my lip open and it bled profusely all over. So I got up. Made tea. Decided to knock out some chores. And the cats were all being idiots. Demasiado jumped on my back out of no where and I spilled plant water all over and there was just general assholery going on and I was irriatated and tired and worried about my sick guy downstairs who I was trying not to irritate with my concern for fear he would run under the bed and I would have to go through an ordeal to get him the vet.

Anyway, I got to the vet, she took one look at him and told me to get to emergency. He had a urinary blockage. Probably hadn't gone to the bathroom in days because of it. His body was totally full of toxins. He never showed any symptoms, except he was sleeping in a weird spot. Emergency was as stressful and awful as it always is. (I need to tell you about the down payment thing.) It was a weird hour. I had set off thinking the vet would give him some fluids and some pepcid and I would go home and take a nap waiting for the bloodwork to come back and that I would spend about $250. Instead I ended up speeding through Milford trying to get to the emergency as quickly as possible and spending two grand within half an hour of setting out from my house. WTF? So they got him settled in to the hospital and I left all frazzled and bloody lipped from earlier and I get home and my coat is not even off and the doorbell rings and I start laughing because, OF COURSE...I'm being served divorce papers today.

So. That was that.

Except it wasn't.

There are so many other little shitty details in there. But I'm tired.

I'm so looking forward to this being over.


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