2016-01-20 - 12:01 a.m.

I bought a pair of boots fourteen years ago and never wore them. I loved them, don't misunderstand me. That's why I bought them. Over the next billion years I packed them for almost every trip I went on. They went to Colorado, Iowa, France and Europe in general. They MOVED to Spain with me. They moved BACK to the U.S. with me. But I never wore them. Until a few weeks ago. And now they are my favorite shoe. I wish I had them in black. This is why I never get rid of anything. I have a whole Honda Civic full of clothes I intend to bring to the Salvation Army and now I want to go out there and put everything back in my closet.



Cats are doing great. Even the old fellows. Smudge goes in tomorrow. He's been losing weight, bellowing, hair is a mess...but he's nearing twenty...and diabetic. I'm not expecting great news, I just want to make him comfortable. The other old cats are really and truly doing great. My Fish, man...she's going to live to be forty. I swear it.

The opossum is doing fine, too. I've learned to not wash his bedding with anything scented. It's hot water and unscented soap. Otherwise he won't go back into his nest for weeks. His favorite food is sour cream when it's super cold outside. When it's a little warmer (just above freezing) he'll eat more and then he likes avocado, cheese, cherries, grapes and chicken. Right now he barely eats anything. He leaves everything but the sour cream. Animals are amazing.

Work sucks. But I'm still making a shit ton of money (uh, a shit ton for my job, not a shit ton in the grand scheme of things). They are considering going to a set schedule for people. I protested. I will probably win. I LOVE the idea of a set schedule (I basically already have one),except that no one will ever pick up a bar shift (even though you make a shit ton of money). So right now if I need one of my four set days off, I ask for it off and it's scheduled accordingly. If we have a set schedule I will have to find someone to work my shift and I will never be able to do that. So I am protesting. I told them I will have to reduce my shifts to two or three if we go to a set schedule. And I'm serious. I kind of hope I don't win and they go to a set schedule. I need to reduce my shifts there, shit ton of money or not. Too many regulars drinking too much alcohol. Too many toxic coworkers. Yuck a roni. I need some motivation to get out of this industry. I think I am the only person I work with who doesn't take pills. Seriously. It's gross and obnoxious.

I think that is all.


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