2015-07-18 - 11:44 p.m.

I have an incredible amount of things to write about right now. I keep trying to write a proper entry and I get distracted, or tired, or hot...and I just don't manage to pull it off. So here are some things I want to write about. My lack of sleep in the last few months and how, all of a sudden, I'm suddenly able to do nothing but sleep. I can't keep my eyes open. At all. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the fact that I've been on an incredible amount of antibiotics in the last few weeks? Which leads me to...I'm having health issues. And on a day when a health issue presented itself and I was particularly stressed out, my jackass cat bit the fuck out of my hand and I ended up in the emergency room for an entire day hooked up to IV antibiotics, which I had a reaction to and had to be treated for the reaction too. So now I'm still on antibiotics for the bite and for the health issue and I pretty much feel like shit. I'm taking massive doses of probiotics but still managed to get a god damned yeast infection which I was trying to avoid at all costs. I was even taking big doses of garlic to avoid it. And stopped eating sugar and drinking alcohol. Because when the doctor put me on the last antibiotic he said, "you're going to get a yeast infection, I'm just going to send you home with the medicine for it," I panicked and swore I would not get one. But I did. And I took the pill immediately and the next morning I was fine. Why would anyone bother with that over the counter crap? Just take that pill! OMG!

So, also. I need to talk about the baby bird and the baby raccoon. I really need to talk about the baby raccoon. And I need to talk about Carly. And Pat. And I need to talk about the state of my marriage.

Because this life is just getting so weird and unrecognizable and surreal.

I also need to talk about the fact that my biological father sent an email to my uncle saying that he decided twenty two years ago to not have contact with me. And don't bring this up again and signed it with a THANKS! WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT. FUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU. Omg, fuck you.

So those are things. I have the next three days off. Hopefully I get around to writing.


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