2015-06-11 - 1:15 a.m.

Oh my god. I haven't had a shitty night at work in a long time. And tonight was a totally shitty night.

I guess I should say that I've had a lot of kind of shitty nights but they were OK. You know, people you work with can be assholes. As long as all of them don't totally asshole up all in one night. And then a customer/friend forgets his phone and you have to drive it to him after having a shitty night. Even if it is on the way (ish) home.

Ugh, I'm so over it. I'm so over everybody leaving me with their loose ends. I'm also pretty pissed because I loaned my "spare" car to her because she crashed her car last week and was left with one car for a family of six. So tonight, while my poor Honda sat in the parking lot, she got off work and proceeded to (illegally) order two margaritas. (I say illegally because we employees are not allowed to drink liquor after work, only beer and wine. But she'll have a customer order her drinks for her and thus gets kind of by the rule. I think it's bullshit, I'm totally sick of her bullshit, she was one of the total assholes tonight.)Anyway, she drank her margaritas, went the parking lot a few times to smoke cigarettes and possibly she smoked pot too because that's what they were doing out there after work but somebody told me she didn't...and then came back in and tried to get everybody to go out to another bar with her and I'm like....UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....YOU ARE DRIVING MY CAR?!

Ugh. OMG. Things are just out of control right now. I'm such a basket case. I'm manifesting my stress in health problems now too, so I realize that I really need to get a grip on this shit.


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