2015-04-25 - 2:56 a.m.

Hello. I have a strange spider(?) bite near my armpit and it's been driving me mad. It's hurty. And itchy. And it's weird. I'm telling you, if it doesn't start looking better by tomorrow I am going to the emergency room.

Well, by Sunday. Because tomorrow we are going to see David Sedaris!! I am so excited!

Work was fine this week. Actually, on Wednesday and Thursday I managed to get out of there at a reasonable time. Tonight, not so much. I had a couple late tables (who were delightful, actually) and then an old customer who I hadn't seen in about a year showed up. This guy is the creepiest, weirdest, creepiest, creepiest guy in the world. Everybody around him just instantly shudders when he starts talking. It's so weird. He chases people out with his creepiness. Anyway, so, he showed up. And I'm nice. I listen to him. And he won't shut up. So I got stuck with creepy.


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