2015-02-05 - 1:27 a.m.

Work work work work work work work work work work work. It's SO in my face. ALL the time. I need a more peaceful career. These are my current plans...facial lady school and then, work in a salon for a second until I can pull my shit together to open my OWN salon. I kind of don't like women but I've always liked salons. I like the noise and the vibe and the connection that happens in them. I think that might be peaceful. I also have another plan in place. I need to make business plans for three businesses so I can be ready when the right time comes along. A bookstore, a health food store and a pet store. There is a health food store in my village already and it SUCKS. But it does a good business because it's the only health food store in at least a ten mile radius. If that sucker goes out of business or goes up for sale I want to be poised and ready to take it over. It would be an excellent place for me to start my vegan catering business from. We also have two pet stores in the village. The big one will probably never go out of business even though it's an awful place (and also where I spend most of my money, unfortunately). And the other one is more of a farm animal feed company. I would love to have my own pet store. So I would like to be ready just on the off chance that either of these places come up for sale. The bookstore thing would be difficult. Apparently there were already a couple bookstores here in the village that went out of business. I truly believe that people not going to bookstores was a fad that is almost over. I think bookstores are going to make a comeback. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a bookstore of my own. That would be my best dream job.

Anything I do at this point needs to be really close to my home. I'm starting to believe that we all need to pull ourselves in. Ridiculous commutes are awful for so many reasons. My husband has a ridiculous commute. For one thing, it's dangerous. And it's wasteful and I think it's unhappy. I think people need to be able to run home if they need to.

Work was crazy tonight. Not busy at all, but it was just really intense. I'm tired of intensity.

My fantasy boyfriend came in tonight. He comes in every couple months. He lives in the south somewhere and comes to Novi for business. He's very handsome and very sweet. We all love him. He was last in ON MY BIRTHDAY and I wasn't there and my boss sent me a picture of him with a big haha, look who's here and you're not! So today I came to work and said, "my fantasy boyfriend is due to return any day now," and I swear to you, he walked in five minutes later. My coworkers now think I'm a witch.

Things are fine. My happy light is still amazing and now I'm getting addicted to feel good things. I got some ginseng and I've been taking my vitamins and exercising and trying to drink a lot of water. It's amazing what happens when you make one small change that makes you feel better.


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