2015-02-01 - 9:59 p.m.

Well, we got the snowstorm! It's so lovely outside right now! I keep running out there to breathe it all in. Whenever the snow is like this, all sparkly and deep, it reminds me of being an almost teenager...before life got weird and horrible and friend Jill and I spent an entire winter one year, just the two of us. We had a pretty big group of friends but that winter we basically hermited ourselves away at her house. We would put on big, fluffy snowsuits and moonboots and we would wander for hours and hours outside. We would sled down her road, she lived right at the bottom of a really steep hill. It was probably the best winter I ever had. When I need comfort I think about one night in particular. It was so cold and so dark and the snow was so deep and it just kept snowing and snowing and we had made pizza (from a box, the chef boyardee pizza in a box was our favorite thing in the world) and watched movies all day and then we went sledding and then we crashed over a snow bank and just laid there laughing for a good long while. Looking up at the snow falling and eating snow, we just laid there. It was probably the last time either of us were perfectly comfortable and happy for a long time. We were just entering into some pretty harsh years, Jill and I. I still go outside and lay in the snow whenever I can. I did it at work the other day. I have an instant rush of comfort whenever I do it.


Snow storm today. I woke in a foul mood because this was the second day I had to get up early and I was SOOOOOO tired and it was awful outside and I was so upset that they didn't cancel our stupid meeting. But I got up, got dressed and went to the meeting even though the drive was treacherous. Then we were all supposed to go lunch together. I got to the restaurant and reached out to open the door and I just immediately turned around and went back to my car (which was already recovered with snow even though I had just gotten out of it two minutes before that) and came home. It was way too dangerous out there to not be home. So I got home and Eric was working out and I demanded that he cease his workout to go to brunch with me and we did and it was lovely. Then I came home and made cookies for my neighbor because he plows our road and our driveway. Then I waited to hear his plow in the drive so I could run out and give him warm cookies and it actually worked out!! I really, really wanted to give him warm cookies and it actually turned out that he showed up shortly after the cookies came out of the oven!

I've spent the rest of my evening watching TV and doing laundry. I'm too tired to move around much. Tomorrow I was supposed to be at the vet early but I canceled because it will still be snowing. So I'm going to sleep until noon. Then I will clean all day. I HAVE to clean all day.


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