2015-01-28 - 1:39 a.m.

My hellish week became less so. I had to cancel, AGAIN, the jackass cat's surgery because the dental probe at my vet broke AGAIN. This is getting frustrating, actually. His surgery was supposed to have been on my birthday but the dental probe broke that week too. I could and should schedule him at the real veterinary dentist that I've taken other cats to (and Fishy is going there on the 12th) but this cat is such a jackass, I can't put him in any other hands but my vet. She's very, very good with the cats. I think she is part cat, actually. Anyway. So I didn't have to make the eight am drive to the vet with a jackass cat. But I did bring three others in for various things but we didn't have to be there until five.

When I got home from the vet I called the courthouse to see if I had to report for jury duty and I was excited and so, so relieve to find that I was excused from service.

I feel kind of sick today. Normally I would begin to attack this with everything I have. Vitamin C, CoQ10, oranges, sleep, elderberry syrup, ginseng, zinc...but I'm kind of half assing the attack because I kind of hope to get sick so I don't have to go to our stupid employee meeting and party on Sunday. God I hate that shit. And to make it even worse, the proposed time for the stupid meeting is ten am. I DON'T EVEN GET UP UNTIL TEN A.M., it is really annoying to me when managers of restaurants who NEVER CLOSE the restaurant don't think about the fact that they have a crew of people who are basically on a night schedule. Those of us who work Saturday night won't even punch out until one in the morning at the earliest. Ugh.


Things are fine. This week has not been stellar. We had repairman here on Tuesday last week which screwed my whole week up. Why do they give you four hour windows?? OMG, why? We have another repairman coming tomorrow. Which means I have to to get up early and clean litter boxes and clear room for him in the utility room. Ugh. I hate it. Even worse, I was alone for the repair guy last week and I'll probably be alone for the repair guy tomorrow. I hate being alone with strange people in my house. Eric makes fun of me for this discomfort but I can't help it. I don't like it. I don't answer the door if I'm alone and I sure don't like inviting strangers into my house when I'm alone.


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