2015-01-20 - 8:45 p.m.

I have an absolutely horrible week coming up next week. My days off are filled with things like taking four cats to the vet in one day! Jury duty! Annual company meeting!


Two of the cats are going in for annual checkups. One of the cats is going in to have his thyroid levels and heart rate checked after having been diagnosed as hyperthyroid a couple weeks ago. The other cat is having a scary surgery. Well, probably not that scary, just having a bunch of teeth extracted but I consider all surgery to be scary, especially when performed on older beings. I chose to do all of this in one day because the drive to my vet is getting absurd. Without admitting to you how many cats I have...just getting yearly vaccines/checkups and semi annual senior cat checkups would put me at the vet twice a month. And we all know I end up having to go to the vet for one thing or another far more frequently than just the yearly exams. So I try to maximize my visits. Whenever I have an appointment that has to be done (this time it is Jack's tooth extraction) I will fit in as many cats as their schedule will allow. It's a pain in the butt, will allow me a spare week without a vet visit. And I'll get to cross off four things on my anxiety list. Which always feels nice.

Jury duty freaks me out. I'm terrified that I will be picked for some awful trial. The county I live in is pretty weird. I could have gotten called to report in Novi which would have put me on things like DUI's and more DUI's. But no, I got called to go to Pontiac. Pontiac is awful and scary and I don't wanna go. At all. In any case, I would be a terrible juror. I'm pretty sure I couldn't put anybody in prison unless I actually saw them, with my own eyes, committing the crime. And even then, I would still feel bad and think that oh, maybe they just need somebody to be nice to them.

Our annual employee meeting is the worst thing ever. Obviously. I know, I know all employee meetings are the worst but ours is even worse than that. I'm not even going to start in on this. But for one thing...we start it off by cracking open a bunch of champagne. This is a really bad decision in my mind. Nothing ever gets accomplished with these meetings and we end up losing a day of business (we close for the day because after the meeting we have our Christmas party) and nobody ever says what needs to be said because they are too wine sloshed (at ELEVEN IN THE MORNING) to do anything productive. It's so annoying.

This week should be better. I got a lot done on my days off and I am starting my work week tomorrow with hardly anything to do but work and sleep and eat and exercise!! (and clean litter boxes and other cat related nonsense.) I had a lovely weekend this past weekend which really helped. It was our busiest weekend of the year (auto show and the fucking dog show were in town). Last year was a NIGHTMARE. This year we did the same amount of business but we were ready for it. We had an extra person on the door and in the kitchen and the rest of us, the waitstaff and bar, just made sure we extra ready and stocked. It was a breeze. Friday got a little chaotic but not nightmarish. Saturday was busier and the waitstaff had a hard time but all the customers were ordering beer and wine and it was so easy!! OMG! We can put out so much product when people don't order ridiculous martinis or act like morons! It was great! It was one of those nights that made me remember why I love doing what I do. It's just a constant river of efficient motion. Honestly, on Thursday I waited on a quarter of the people I waited on on Saturday but I felt like I was waiting on a billion more people. I had some of the doucheiest people on the planet at the bar on Thursday. Just so you know, when you order a $24 bottle of wine, it isn't necessary to go through a fifteen minute tasting ordeal. Fuck off. Anyway. The weekend was great. And I have the knee brace now so I wasn't totally physically incapacitated by Saturday night. I was able to get a bunch of stuff done before work and on Sunday.

Hopefully this week will be wonderful too. I need to make a lot of money to pay for Monday's vet visit and I need to make that money rather easily please and thank you.


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