2015-01-18 - 3:02 a.m.


It seems that suddenly I am finding solutions for things that have bothered me long term. That light I bought to help me with the winter blues has been absolutely life changing. I always knew I was very affected by the lack of light in winter but I had no idea just how much until I bought this light. I'm totally addicted to it.

I've also found a product that has really helped with some of my skin issues. Hyraluronic acid. It can be made from horrible things like rooster combs but I found one that is vegan and not animal tested. And my skin is pretty amazing. I still get a couple pimples here and there because I am a constant hormone bomb, but for the most part, my skin is far less irritated and far more moisturized than it has been in over a decade.

My vegan diet is also working very wonderfully for me. I never had any major food issues but in the last few years I was starting to get really sensitive to acidic foods. I've been mostly vegan (it's getting easier and easier) since March and in the last couple months I've seen a very significant decrease in my acid sensitivity. I ate an orange with no problem and I've been taking sips of coffee even! Also, since becoming mostly vegan, I've been way more aware of what I am eating and I've been trying to not eat as much sugar. I have a windmill cookie after lunch and other than wine and fruit, that's the only sugar I consume. I think I feel really great without it. It's not like I consumed a lot more sugar than what I do now, but I did have two heaping spoonfuls of sugar or honey in my chai in the morning and I would have chocolate after lunch and if I felt grouchy I would eat sugar in some form as a mood boost.

And finally. My knees. My knees have been killing me for a long time. Last year when I went to the doctor about my back and knees he basically poo poo'd my knee problems and told me to just deal with it until I couldn't deal with it and then there would be surgery. My right knee crunches with every movement and by Saturday night, after having worked for four long nights, I can barely move. Somebody mentioned to me yesterday that I should just buy a drugstore brace and see if that helps. So this morning I went and got one. I wore it all day while I was cleaning the house and, holy shit, my knee wasn't crunching about or throbbing. Fucking doctor. He told me that he could hear his wife coming because her knees crunched so loudly and that she was fine. Well, it's not fine. I don't like pain. I'm going to get another brace for my left knee tomorrow because that one starts hurting (though it doesn't crunch) because I over use it in order to take pressure off my right knee. Hopefully I can start having a pain free life. (not that I really have that much pain, but any discomfort is too much for me, I like to feel good damn it.)

So that is all.

Work is fine. Cats are great.


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