2014-12-16 - 10:48 p.m.

I went to the gym...but...those god damned new machines threw me off again. I'm going to have to schedule a freaking personal training appointment now. I hate these machines. There's something about them that I really hate. Anyway. I had to stay for an entire hour even though I couldn't figure out most of the machines because somebody I knew was there and I was embarrassed to leave in a huff after ten minutes. So I got on the treadmill. Sigh. Yuck. Torture.

Got some things done at home today. Cleaned the jack ass cat's* room and he yelled at me and lunged at me the entire time. He pisses me off. I bring him food, I bring him treats, I bring him cheese, I clean his fucking litter box daily, I wash his bedding weekly and I spend countless hours with him every week trying to get him to like me and he still acts like a total jackass. Meanwhile, Eric can walk right in and pet him. My right hand is shredded from him and my attempts to pet him. I look like a moron. I watch Eric to see if I am doing something differently, if that's the reason I can't get near him...but no. He just hates me. And I hate that. I'm still glad we ended up with him though. He would either be dead or severely abused by now in another home.

Work tomorrow. Dread.

I made very delicious vegan stuffed shells tonight from my very own made up recipe. They were fantastic. I need to start a vegan cooking blog. I have a few really good recipes already. Plus, I need a project.

Christmas is getting exciting! It looks like my brother and sister in law are bringing my nephew to my side of the state for a few days! I am so excited! I'm wearing a mask to work, I swear, so I don't catch the plague that's going through there right now so I can cuddle him to pieces the entire time he is here. *I just realized that I never wrote about the jackass cat here. Or maybe I did, but I'm pretty sure I didn't. He's a jackass.


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