2014-12-06 - 10:35 p.m.

Vacations go way too quickly. Oh man. I kind of don't even see the point in having them. I have to keep remembering that I really only took four days off work (I almost always have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off so I just took Wednesday through Saturday off and it worked out that I then had ten days off in a row) and really, four days off isn't such a big deal. But TEN DAYS IN A ROW should feel substantial, shouldn't it? Instead I woke up on day four off in a complete panic that I my vacation was almost over. I am so not ready to go back.

I've basically done nothing. I finally was able to visit my grandmother and uncle and I had a nice hotel night in Kalamazoo where I had a really nice, uninterrupted sleep of nine hours. I visited a couple other people, very quickly. Eric and I have gone to dinner a couple times which is something we don't often do anymore so that's nice and today we went to IKEA and dinked around which is also something we don't often have time to do any more. I've also been exercising which is something I just don't have much time for lately. I haven't made it to the gym yet but I've been doing a yoga DVD or pilates DVD almost daily and a couple times I used the elliptical (except it's making a horrible noise and it drives me nuts so I can't use it long). I also started to organize and redo my jewelry which is something I've been meaning to do for a long time. It's not the right time to do that, though. I need a nice, snowy day for that project. I also need to buy some supplies. Beads and glue and some wire for repairs. I still have three days and I really hope that I at least find the god damn paint I've been looking for. I bought it for my bedroom about two years ago and I cannot remember where I put it. It's ridiculous. I need to find it. It drives me crazy. I would also like to spend one decent day in bed. I spent Thursday kind of in bed. I didn't feel really well, I had a headache and just generally felt kind of run down. So I kind of moped around a lot and finally just got into bed and watched a movie and then read. But it wasn't an enjoyable time because I didn't feel well. Oh, I've also been listening to audio books like crazy. I've been getting books that I wouldn't normally read. I like pretty prose for reading. But for these audio books, I like entertaining. I listen to them while cleaning. This week I've listened to twelve hours of audio books. All in all, if you consider listening to audio books as reading, I've read four books during the last week. Two audio and two real. I like this. I like that I can add more books to my life this way.

I do not want to go back to work.


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