2014-08-21 - 1:43 a.m.

Well, four vet visits, a billion phone calls and a whole bunch of money later and I finally got a diagnosis for my poor little boy. I can't believe it took this long. It's a fungus and a blood parasite. This should have been diagnosed, at least the parasite, weeks ago when he first had to be hospitalized. It took a blood smear and a microscope to see it. In the past three weeks he's had blood work done TWICE, somebody should have thought to look at it. The doctor today didn't even hesitate. He said, "yes, he was sick with a virus but the first thing we have to think is WHY he was SO sick with it." And yes, this bartonella thing. And his vision loss is from a fungal infection. This should all be reversible. He should be fine but he has to take a lot of medicine for a good long time. I am so relieved. Also, it's terrifying how long it takes to diagnose something. I had to say, "something isn't right" about a billion times before my vet really paid attention to me. And I have a GREAT vet. So how long does it take to get something diagnosed when you don't have a great vet. Or a great doctor. My back thing, for example, has never really been diagnosed. They just throw things at it and hope something works.


We got our asses completely kicked at work tonight. I don't know what happened exactly. My sales weren't that much more than they usually are but every single one of us was completely buried. The kitchen fell apart. Food was taking an hour to get to the table. It was very stressful. At nine thirty, after the rush was over and the remaining tables were just sitting there I started pouring drinks for all the employees. You know it's a bad night when I get generous with the booze. I'm kind of militant about the booze. But man, we got killed tonight. It was horrible.

I plan to sleep until noon tomorrow. I don't care that the cats didn't get to go out today and won't be able to go out tomorrow either if I sleep until noon.


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