2014-07-25 - 2:24 a.m.

I have to get up in like four hours to give Potato a big dose of sedative so I can take his ass to the vet for his vaccines. You guys, I've never seen a cat act like this guy does about the vet. He can read my mind. It's amazing. I think he knows right now that I am plotting something even though I am being very careful to not let on about it.

I have a big day of doing things planned tomorrow. Early morning vet appts for four cats. Then to the home improvement store for some stuff. Mostly I need to get some big pots and some dirt. I started seedlings this spring and when I moved them outside some bug or another ate them. So then I had to buy organic veggie plants at a greenhouse. I should have just done that from the get go. Anyway. A few weeks after I bought new plants all the seedlings I had planted resprouted. So I have about a trillion tomato plants now. I can't plant the little ones in the ground, they won't have enough time to fruit so I am going to plant them in containers, give some away, keep some. I'll give people my secret trick to growing tomatoes in the house during winter.

The rest of my day will be spent getting shit done that I haven't been getting done. I have stupid phone calls to make and crap like that. Yuck. I'm also planning to stop at a farmstand and get some corn. There is corn to be got! Yes!

Also, I am beat to shit right now. I dropped a jar of jam on my foot the other day and, of course, it broke right on my foot and cut the crap out of my toe. So my toe is absolutely throbbing right now. I've also been stung three times by bees in the last couple days. One of the stings is on my foot. The other foot than the throbbing toe. Jesus.

In other news. I absolutely detest flies.


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