2014-07-24 - 2:30 a.m.

I've renamed my raccoon. Her name is now Nadine. It is a perfect name for her. I wish you could see her. I have to make a plan for the winter for this raccoon. I am POSITIVE this raccoon was raised by humans and released back into the wild.

The cat we rescued last week is doing fine. She's gained weight and a lot of spirit. She's started throwing up though, in the last couple days. I'm pretty sure it's because she is just eating herself to sickness but I will have to take her back to the vet to be sure. I was told to feed her frequent small meals but my idea of small meal is probably large and Eric DEFINITELY over feeds. It's hard to not just give her a ton of food, she's so skinny. She's so nice. So, so nice. She would have been euthanized a week ago seeing her sprawled out on her heating pad today was extra nice.

Work is fine. It's a bit annoying lately but I am dealing with that. I'm so overwhelmed with my personal life right now that I just don't give a shit about work. I just go, make my money, and leave. I took this Friday off so I can take the last batch of cats to the vet for vaccines. And I took next weekend off completely in order to celebrate our TEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. HOLY FUCK. WHAT? How is that even possible? WHAT?

Eric has been working from home in the morning/early afternoon a lot lately. It's driving me absolutely crazy and I'm trying to not be an asshole about it because...good for him, right? But, man, it's freaking me out. My eye has been twitching like crazy for two weeks now. I almost lost it today. I need a vacation.

That is all.


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