2014-07-18 - 2:39 a.m.

When will I have time to write a proper entry here?

It was discussed tonight, the fact that I would like to go down to three nights a week of work. My boss seems to think it is doable as long as the new girl pans out. My boss is sad about it but she gets it. Honestly I'll probably still end up working for nights a week but it would be nice to just be accountable for three. I have so much going on lately. And now, after some recent cat drama, I feel like I need to dedicate some more time to reforming the shelter system here. As soon as I have time I will tell you all about the poor cat we worked really hard to pull from animal control. And she is just one cat...there are thousands of others who don't have me (or someone like me) working really hard to get her out.

Anyway. Here is a brief summary of some things.

Rudy is doing WONDERFULLY. He is a REALLY happy cat. He's suddenly very domesticated. I let him go outside this week and now he's even happier. I swear I've never seen a happier cat. Ever. He really likes bouncy balls. He carries them around with him and plays like a maniac.

Oscar is doing really well too. I think he might need to go back to the vet this week for the anal gland thing but otherwise, I think he's actually gained some weight. Not that he needed to or anything but it's always nice when they gain weight instead of lose weight.

The other cats are also fine. I think they actually all might be gaining weight. When Abby got really sick I was desperately trying to find something for her to eat and my vet suggested a food to me. She said that even her most finicky cats liked it. It's not the most healthy food on the planet but it's not the worst either. It's also not cheap. But...yes, she ate it more than she ate other things. And the other cats acted like it was crack. I can't keep a bowl full.

I'm finally watching the last season of Breaking Bad. It's torturous. I remember why I stopped watching it. It's a great show but it got WAY too violent for me. I have to finish watching it but I really wish I didn't have to. Two more episodes and I can get back to watching not so stressful shows after work. I think that I will rewatch Arrested Development after this. I need something more delightful and witty.

My dryer caught on fire yesterday. Yes, I let the lint get WAY too built up...but still, damn. DO NOT LET YOUR DRYER RUN WHEN YOU ARE NOT HOME. I was really freaked out about the whole thing. Last week I left the dryer running when I went down the road to get the mail. I was gone for about ten minutes. If I hadn't been here yesterday when it caught on fire...well, shit. I was here and I caught it within seconds. What if I had gone to get the mail? OMG, it was really scary. Eric seems to think that we can use the dryer still but every ounce of me just wants to move it out of the house and buy a new one.

That is all. Goodnight


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