2014-07-13 - 1:24 a.m.

We have to have Abby put to sleep tomorrow. She's not doing well. I am grateful that it is happening this way. She's allowed us to go through the process without actually losing her. I know tomorrow will be hard but we've had days of knowing that it is going to happen in which to prepare. My vet has given me a big dose of sedatives to give her prior to taking her to the emergency vet. This will put her to sleep completely so that she will not be aware of what is going on. The last thing she will remember is falling asleep in Eric's lap in the TV room which is exactly where she always wants to be. I am going to go to the emergency vet in the morning and sign all the paperwork and pay and give instructions and then I will come home and we will give her the shot and wait a bit for her to fall asleep and then we will drive her to the vet where they will give her the lethal injection. This is a good plan.

We probably should have done this on Monday but I know us and we need to make sure we've tried everything. And we have. It's been constant hospice here for a week now. I have syringes all over the place, bags of fluid hanging from the curtain rod for heavens sake. We've been trying to get her to eat ANYTHING at all so there are a billion bags of different cat food all over and any variety of canned food you can think of.

Eric has been very sweet with her. As he is. He doesn't always get that having cats actually involves a lot of cleaning but he does really get that having cats means that you have to give them a lot of love. She is really attached to him and he's been honoring that by staying with her as constantly as he can.

She's leaving behind a brother, Crash. They were litter mates and have been together for seventeen years. I'm not sure how he's going to deal with this. We've only had this duo for four or five years of their lives. Before that it was just the two of them. When they moved here they stayed together and never made friends with my other cats. It took a couple years just to get them to tolerate the presence of other cats. So I don't know how Crash is going to be. I do know that he's been enjoying all the food we've been lavishing upon Abby. She eats none of it, and we are giving her endless plates of food, so he eats it all. He's gotten very fat in the last few weeks.

So that is tomorrow. I hate this.


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