2014-07-12 - 12:15 a.m.

You know how I've had really crappy skin for a decade now? And I've spent a lot of money and time trying to fix it? Well. I'm a moron I think.

A couple weeks ago there was a particularly nasty hot and humid drippy gross day. I had the day and I cleaned all day and it was just simply horrible. I was a total wreck by the end of the day. (Remember, we don't have air conditioning in this house.) When I finally finished my cleaning I took a freezing cold shower. I couldn't get clean enough or refreshed enough. I went out all with the peppermint soap and everything. I got out of the shower and still didn't feel clean enough so I wiped my face with rubbing alcohol. And it felt good. It felt clean and refreshing. So I continued doing it for the next couple days. And, well, it's a couple weeks later now and I am still wiping my face with rubbing alcohol every time I wash it and my skin is clear. CLEAR. And it's that normal time of the month when I would normally be having big problems.

Lesson learned.


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