2014-06-24 - 12:34 p.m.

I'm at a breaking point right now. It's one of those times when I am just one string of sanity away from melting down completely. I am hopefully going to mend this by staying in bed all day today even though I have seventy eight billion things that HAVE to be done today. I just don't give a shit. It would be nice if I had a partner.

Had to take another cat to the vet yesterday. These vet visits take up most of a day. It's forty five minutes there, forty five minutes back. And I'm usually there for no less than two hours. Yesterday I was there for two hours and then it was decided that I needed to leave Abby there and come back for her later. So it was a whole day ordeal. It looks like she might have lymphoma. It all doesn't look good. But I'm not sold on the idea yet. All I know is that she doesn't appear to feel very well so I'll do what I have to do to get her feeling better. I don't know about Abby though. She is the one cat in this house who I believe would just rather not go through this. Abby is the one cat in this house who I feel badly about. This wasn't the right house for her to live in. I should have been looking for another home for her over these last five years we've had her. I've known that this wasn't an ideal situation for her. She hates other cats and she refuses to leave to the TV room. Which means that I can't spend hardly any time with her. I'm so pissed at Eric's cousin right now. She had Abby from the time she was a kitten and when Abby was 13 she decided she didn't want her anymore and was going to have one of her friends shoot her because she didn't want to pay for euthanasia. So of course Eric brought her (and her brother Crash) home. I tried for a time to find them a home but nobody in their right mind wants to take on two thirteen year old cats. So they stayed here. They are both neurotic as hell. Anyway...yeah. I don't know what to do about Abby. For now I'll give her the medicines and fluids and see if she starts to feel any better.

My mama raccoon showed up with her babies the other night! She has five of them! They are ADORABLE! She's still coming by herself in the late afternoon. She's still eating three avocados a day and then taking a nap on the deck. She's also pretty adorable. I'm going to set the camera up outside tonight if it's not raining so I can watch the babies better. They ran away when they realized I was watching them from the window.

Work is fine. That horrible, awful old woman I work with went away for a couple months this winter. We were all hoping she wouldn't come back but she did. Then she got talked to about how horrible and awful she is and then she put in her notice. But then decided that she didn't really want to quit. Then I got in a screaming match with her one night (this tells you how awful she is, I NEVER EVER EVER get in screaming matches with people) and then she put her notice in again and the stupid ass owner talked her into just going down to two day. Me and my other boss were like, "WHY WOULD YOU TALK HER OUT OF QUITTING??" and she just feels like she owes this horrible awful woman something because she has been working in this restaurant for thirty years. She's really the most horrible person. She's such a fucking asshat. I detest her. She's the reason our one and only true asset server left. It was a good move for her, I mean she has this fancy job in Detroit now with benefits and she waits on famous people every night now...but I really miss her. It was nice to work with somebody who really cared about what she was doing. There isn't one other server in that restaurant who I trust. They are all money grubbing fuck offs. They do the bare minimum at their tables and if they get a tip that's less than 20% they bitch all night about it. They all really suck.


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