2014-06-16 - 12:23 a.m.

Things that happened over the last week.

We drove over to the west side of the state. We checked out some houses and towns that we could live in that would be an OK commute for both of us and well, it all sucked. There were some nice houses with some nice land but the, the towns all sucked so bad. We also drove through the town where I grew up, just because we were basically there anyway and it was really hard for me. What an emotional bomb. I feel that I should probably go out there, by myself, someday when I have some time to really sit there with my ghosts. Nothing has changed in that town, at all. Except the grocery store has a different name and the old library has been torn down and rebuilt elsewhere. That town. Wow. I couldn't wait to get out of there and at the same time there was a little part of my being that was just clinging to every inch of ground there.

Anyway. So that's it. For real (I hope). We have declined the offer even though it was for a lot money. I do really love our spot here. And I do really love my job even though it is not exactly healthy for me (hours are too late, I work my ass off, drunk people).

Also this week.

I gave myself a black eye.

Oscar went to the vet for a renal check up. Things were pretty dire a few weeks ago with his bloodwork. He's been on a super regimen for about a month now. SubQ fluids and medicine and flax oil and extra water mixed in all his food...and, his renal numbers were better this time! An improvement! I know he's nineteen. I know, I know. But I simply refuse to let him go. He's fine. He seems much happier these days, actually. I had been taking him to the vet for a year now trying to find out why he yells so loud in the middle of the night and I think that even though his bloodwork didn't show it, I think he was in the first stages of this renal failure. When I give him the subQ fluids he is really happy for 24 hours afterwards. Right now he's just getting fluids twice a week but I think he needs more. I have a consultation with the vet tomorrow, I'll bring it up.

I have a mama raccoon that has been coming here since mother's day. I will tell you about her later. I suddenly got really tired.


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