2014-06-05 - 2:10 a.m.

Oh lordy...I'm so far behind! Not much has happened lately and yet so much has happened.

Got my garden planted. It's the best garden I've planted yet. Hopefully the bugs and squirrels and who knows what leave it alone. I lost one entire batch of eight week old seedlings within a week of putting them out. Something ate them entirely. Fortunately I was able to find organic plants here and there and so nothing is really lost. Next year I am not even going to bother doing things from seeds. I always fail. Except for zucchini, zucchini does well.

Cats are fine. I ended up having to take Toby back because he was still yelping in pain even after they didn't find anything wrong the first time. Turns out he has arthritis. Pretty badly. He's a young cat so this really sucks. I'm now dosing him with huge quantities of glucosimine and something else that helps with this sort of thing. In a couple months to jelly in his joints should be better but it will never be perfect. He seems to have the most trouble when it's hot and humid so when that sort of weather arrives I have to give him one baby aspirin. Cats don't process things like that very well so that one baby aspirin will stay in his body for A WEEK. So I'm really nervous about this. If it takes him a week to process one little aspirin what in the world is that doing to his insides? But I know, I's better than him being in pain. The first pain meds they gave him were less harmful but also didn't work. So. Aspirin it is.

Rudy is doing GREAT! He's playing now and he looks good, his eyes are all clear and he's happy. He seems really, really happy. I'm impatient for it to be six months from now so I can get him retested for feline leukemia. I'm so certain he doesn't really have it. Or, if he did, I'm certain it is going away. I feel bad that he has to be in that room by himself, especially since he is starting to really like us. But, for now that is how it has to be. He doesn't seem bothered by it at all. Eric slept in there with him a couple times and I spend a fair amount of time with him too. He's really cuddly.

Work is fine. Our best server left last week, got a job at a big, famous, fancy restaurant in Detroit. It sucks without her.

Eric is still getting offers from that company on the other side of the state. We kept saying to one another, "well, if they offer x amount of money we have to go," and well, they offered that amount of money. I don't think either of us were thinking that they would actually offer that much. But they did. And now what do we do? Moving is such a huge pain in the ass!! And I really do love our spot here. I do, so very much, want to get back to the west side of the state. Oh my god, things would be so much easier. Holidays would be easier, I would have family much closer than now and I could get to see my nephew much easier than I can now. But there are things to think about. Like, my job. It took me six years to find a decent job. I can't afford to not have a good job right now. These cats man, these cats! I made $300 tonight and for most of the night I was BORED. I am not going to find another job like this. That's a big deal. Also, our house. Sure, it needs some things. But here are the things about our house that I love. No gas. Big deal to me. Gas scares the shit out of me. Our house is made of concrete. I've grown accustomed to not hearing anything when the windows are closed. I've grown accustomed to not feeling a bit of wind during storms. Our hurricane blinds on every window. I feel very safe here. The blinds are basically the best thing ever. I press a button and I am totally sealed into the house. Nobody can get in here. Our yard is awesome. We can walk into a very lovely town. It is very nice here. If I could move this little village to the west side I would be OK. We are also very lucky with our neighbors. We have the best neighbors in the world. What if we moved and our new house had fuckasses for neighbors? I've lived next to fuckasses before, it's not cool.

Anyway. That kind of catches me up. Must sleep now.


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