2014-03-24 - 10:17 p.m.

Vegan for two weeks now! My energy levels are crazy. I can't believe I can feel this different after such a minor change. I mean, I was already a I'm not eating butter or cheese and it makes this big of a difference? It's really strange. I have to assume it's more because of the other changes that happen as a result of converting to a vegan diet. I am not eating cookies (yet) because I am terrified of making them with that disgusting vegan butter and finding out that they are disgusting and that my life is ruined because I'm not eating butter. I am also not eating hardly any bread because, in the past, my favorite bread accompaniment was butter. This past week I made my favorite flat bread sandwich and replaced the cheese with pureed beans and I actually found that I liked it BETTER than the cheese version. So that is awesome. Pizza is a dilemma. I'm not sure pizza cheese can be replaced with bean puree and I'm not eating weird ingredient vegan cheeses. So. Anyway. This is good. I am so glad I am doing this. I bought a totally rad cookbook today and I'm going to make everything in it.

I haven't lost any weight yet. That is really something I hope is an added benefit of this. But unfortunately I am replacing a lot of my need for the richness that butter supplies with mass quantities of cashews. Nobody is going to get skinny that way!

The opossum came back for a couple days but left again yesterday. I might have fed her some cookies by hand. Good lord.

That damn cat that I've been trying to catch was waiting on the porch for me today when I came back from my overnight trip. I had forgotten to tell Eric to put some food in the garage for him and apparently my suspicion that he has still be coming here for food but doing so secretly is confirmed. Because there wasn't any food in the garage for him he just had to wait for me. I'm going to attempt to catch him again tomorrow. Obviously this cat has a safe and possibly warm place to sleep that isn't here. But wherever it is that he goes can't have a food source because he eats enough food for an entire day when he's here.

Went to Chicago to see my nephew yesterday. He's the sweetest little thing. I think he's going to be hilarious. I'm going to try really hard to get there every six weeks or so. But man, it's expensive! Fifty bucks in gas! UGH! I usually don't spend that in month! Plus the hotel room and car snacks. I don't know. I might have to make it every eight weeks. But that will make me really sad.

Had a lovely evening in the hotel. It was REALLY hot when I got into the room so I opened the window. It was still really hot when I decided to go to bed so I left the window open and then ZONKED out for nine hours. ZONKED. I woke up and it was freezing in the room but I was warm and toasty under all the blankets. That's how I like it. I like the room to be freezing so I can wrap up in as many blankets as I can. And then checkout wasn't until NOON so I was able to just dink around for a couple hours. Took a long shower, drank tea in bed and read the internets. It was lovely. Then I ran some errands. I like running my errands in Kalamazoo whenever possible. I have to go to the laundry mat pretty soon to wash all the blankets and curtains and winter clothes (it would take me a week to get all that done at home) and I'm thinking about just driving to Kalamazoo to do that. Any time I can spend time there is good.

So that is all.


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