2014-03-13 - 12:33 a.m.

My face is a mess. That week that I spent more or less in bed watching TV had disastrous effects. As a result I had to make an emergency facial appointment tomorrow in Kalamazoo and had to get rid of my shift at work (I'm so heartbroken...not) and will have to make a four hour round trip just to get my face fixed. This makes me furious. I CAN NOT understand how there can not be one facial lady on this side of the state that can fix my face. NOT ONE. I've been to so many. And that girl I work with who went and had a facial a few weeks ago and the lady put acid on her face and then SCRAPED IT WITH A RAZOR BLADE. HOLY SHIT. This is the kind of shit that goes on around here. There is not a facial lady worth a damn around here. I was talking with a woman tonight and told her I had a facial appointment tomorrow and her husband said something like he wouldn't recognize me the next time he saw me and his wife said that yes he would because facials only make a difference for a day. Uh. NO. Not my facial lady. She'll fix my face up nice and pretty for at least a month. Anyway. I'm going to talk to her, seriously, about becoming a facial lady myself. I want to know how she became a better facial lady than all the others.

Things are fine here. I've been really sad without Bear, it's amazing how ingrained these beings become in our lives. Every move I make throughout the day is somehow related to somebody. I open the dishwasher and I immediately start to hurry because if I don't get it unloaded or loaded fast enough Bear would jump up onto the door and wouldn't move. I wake up in the morning and everything is shifted now because he's not here. Things are weird. Everything is changing. All of the cats have kind of changed their favorite sleeping spots. Sully moved into Bear's usual spot on my bed and everybody else has also made little changes. I sure miss him.

Work sucks. I mean, it doesn't suck. I just don't want to be there any more. It's too much. Too busy, too many hours, too toxic, too annoying and WAY TOO HOT. If they don't turn the fucking heat down one of these days I'm going to seriously combust. Seriously. The heat has been an issue there since day one. It's ridiculous. It's always blazing hot in there. Always.

So that is all.

I've been a vegan for three days now. I am very proud of myself. Being a vegetarian is no longer kind enough for me.

I'm not even going to tell you about the opossum situation.


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