2013-12-20 - 1:59 a.m.

Oh my god, I am never going to get to sleep tonight. Work was horrible tonight. I fucking hate Christmas. This is the worst thing ever. I am also learning that Thursdays are considered ladies night out and waiting on ladies is a nightmare. Between all the Christmas shit I had to deal with tonight (gift cards, wine orders, a billion phone calls about our holiday hours), I also had to deal with the fucking ladies. Ladies are assholes. One of my coworkers summed it up nicely tonight when a lady she was waiting on flagged her down in the middle of our rush to ask for a bigger glass for her water. Of course my colleague smiled and immediately complied to the request but when she came up to the bar to get the bigger glass she was furious. "Why? Why the fuck would she flag me down to ask for a bigger glass? She has a BOTTLE of water sitting in front of her and she has to interrupt me to get a bigger glass in which to pour the water? Fuck that. Fuck that. If you are so desperate for some sort of control in your life that you have to cause a scene for a bigger glass then you better get some help man, you better get some fucking help." Amen. That's how ladies are. It seems that they always have to modify something, just to get a word in or something. Just to get a bit of control. I did have one table of really nice ladies tonight, I felt like I should have bought them a drink or something for being so wonderful. I should have, I should have bought them a drink.

Anyway. Work was horrible and I am already a total stress ball and I have two more days of this shit to go. Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be pure nightmares. I got snippy with Eric today about his cousin coming over tomorrow because I just don't need anything else to think about right now. I just have to prepare for work, get to work, work and come home and try to sleep.

That cat is still hanging around. I think he has officially moved in even though I still can't get near him.

Also, in way more exciting news (but I'm just not in the mood to be exciting), I had a very exciting night with opossums tonight. It was WEIRD but exciting! I'll tell you about it later, when I'm in a better mood.


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