2013-12-17 - 11:19 p.m.

I am still continuing to fight off the plague that has taken over my place of employment. I currently have a terrible cough but that is it. Three of the sickies have ended up with pneumonia from this thing. I feel very, very fortunate that I managed to not get this thing. However, it also kind of sucks that I did not get it because I kept getting called in. My last three days have consisted of mostly waking up to my phone relentlessly ringing early in the morning as one sickie or another tried to get their shifts covered. I should have gone in last night and tonight...I could have made a shit ton of money this week if I had...but I felt that I needed to stay the hell out of there if at all possible so I didn't get sick too. I had to go in on Sunday but I managed to finagle a way out of the last two nights. I work the next four nights and I'm hoping that by having stayed low and quiet for the last two days I will not get that thing. It's incredible the amount of people it hit and the severity of it.

So last I wrote I think I had let that cat out that I had locked into the garage when the temperatures got really low around here. I thought for sure that after two nights on a heating pad with unlimited food and water and warm chicken broth even! that he would come back into the garage that night after I let him out. But he didn't. And it got really cold. I had the camera set up out there the entire time and we left the door open for him and we even monitored the snow to see if there were any cat tracks around. But no. He left that day and was gone the entire time it was so cold. This morning I went to the garage and checked all the food to see if anybody had been into the garage over night to eat and I checked for tracks and found none. Then about an hour later I went to the garage again and noticed that the entire bowl of food was gone. So I quietly walked over to the bed I had set up for that cat with the heating pad and sure enough! There he was! Sound asleep. So I think that day that I let him out he was freaked out enough about being locked in that he went to wherever it was that he has been "living" and got trapped there because it got so cold and nasty out. He obviously hasn't eaten anything because he ate two huge bowls of dry food and two big plates of chicken today. I left the door open all day today but he didn't leave so when it got dark I closed it. Tomorrow I will let him out early and hope he comes back before I leave for work. He's obviously comfortable in his bed. I still can't get near him though. The name I gave him, Rudy, is perfectly fitting. He's very rude to me. I bring him warm chicken broth.

I did most of my shopping on line this year for Christmas. Amazon is shocking. Anything I think of is on there. And it usually arrives lightning fast. Last week I ordered a heated water dish (for the garage) on Wednesday before I left for work (which was around 2) and it arrived on THURSDAY before I left for work. Incredible. Why even go anywhere anymore? I could totally be a hermit now and I wouldn't have to give up anything in order to do it.

I think that is all.


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