2013-12-14 - 1:28 a.m.

Here are some noteworthy things to document.

The pill is making me break out. I was hoping for the complete opposite of that when I decided to start taking the stupid thing again. My doctor and my facial lady both told me to wait it out for three months, that three months would tell me what the pill was really changing in my body. And, well...I'm not much fatter and I do generally feel much better. (man, I was getting hit with horrible stuff at ovulation and then, two weeks later, cramps and more horrible I am actually feeling A LOT better now but I am going to continue to complain about my skin) My skin is really bad though. I'm pimply all over. Not just on my face. Now I'm getting pimples on my neck and chest and my THIGH even. So I don't know about this.

I bought the most awesome thing for my nephew last night. I was shopping for my secret santa present, I looked up 'funny gifts under $10' on Amazon and I got about 400 pages of stuff...none of it useful for my secret santa present but holy crap! The present I got for my nephew! I've been cracking up for twenty four hours since ordering it! I can't wait to give it to him! He arrives in February. I haven't mentioned this yet...I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT...because I am still processing it. I have lots of things to think about and process about this whole thing. I have to pull my shit together now for this dude. Anyway. This thing I got him is incredible.

I let that god damn cat back out today. I set the camera up to watch for him all day to see if he'd come back to his warm bed and he didn't. So I just don't know what else I can do now. I named him Rudy finally...because he's being so rude to me. I still haven't been able to touch him, he hisses when I get within two feet.

Work has been horrible this week. We've been infected with the plague. I am terrified to even look at anybody for fear that I too will fall victim to it. Our restaurant is tiny and it's HOT and DRY in there. A perfect breeding ground for viruses. I've been a maniac with the bleach. I am following the fallen with the bleach bottle. My boss was sleeping in the office today it was so bad. She fell asleep with her head on the computer keyboard. As soon as I kicked her out, I doused everything with bleach. (the last time a plague infected us I blew up the coffee machine with my bleach spraying, I shorted the whole circuit out and fried the machine when I accidentally got the bleach into the electrical componants!) I've also been handing out zinc like it's candy. I refuse to get this sickness! As you know, I will accept strep throat, I think strep throat is a fine plague to get...but this shit...this lingering fever ridden shit is not acceptable. We were so short staffed today because of sickies (which is why my sick boss had to be there) and the people who were there who weren't already sick...a percentage of them are kind of sick and they were brain dead from the plague so everything kept getting messed up. There are THREE of us who have yet to succumb. It's terrifying. I'm pretty sure I had it on Monday. I woke up and instantly wanted, needed, to go back to bed. I took like five naps on Monday, got nothing done at all. And I was freezing all day. But I woke up Tuesday feeling 100% better. So I am hoping that I already had this thing that they all have except that I didn't get hit as hard as they did. My boss was a wreck tonight. I felt so bad for her.

So that is all.


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