2013-12-12 - 12:57 a.m.

I have lots of things I want to write about right now. I've been doing a lot of old time thinking like I used to. I've even been jotting down notes about things to write about. This is good. It feels good! It's been a long time since I've jotted notes that weren't grocery lists or to-do lists in which I bash myself relentlessly for being a loser. So yes, I have lots of topics to write about right now. But, as usual, I am too tired (but not tired enough to actually just go to sleep, too strung out from work (ugh! Holiday season in a restaurant!), too sick-y-ish (I've been feeling blah all week, everybody at work is raging sick right now and I've managed to, so far, keep it off me but I can feel it trying to work its way in) to actually write anything useful here tonight. So instead, instead I will talk about the cats.

I locked that stray dude in the garage again yesterday because knew it was going to be really cold tonight. I set the camera up out there and watched until I saw him saunter into the garage to the food bowls. Then I sneaked out the back and around the house (in bare feet!! no time to put on shoes!) and closed the garage door on him. This time he is acting much better about his imprisonment. He didn't shred the garage last night like he did this last time. He seems pretty content, actually. I still can't get near him but I did manage to make him a bed with a heating pad and I've got the space heater out there for him and it's better than the six degrees it is outside. And I think he knows it. I might have to let him back out tomorrow but I'm going to really try to keep him in another day. I just really want him to get used to having a heating pad so that he will start using the garage as his safe/warm spot. I'm pretty sure his other spot in this neighborhood is under a deck across the street and that's just not cool. I sure wish I could get near him.

In other cat news. That worm situation turned into a five hundred dollar ordeal because it was a round worm. Round worm is contagious between cats. The only way to know if a cat has round worm is to get a fecal sample. And I can't possibly get a fecal sample from all my cats. So I have to treat them all for it. Jesus.

I did not win the lottery on my birthday but I DID match FOUR of the numbers. Which means I won fifty dollars. FOUR NUMBERS OUT OF SIX is pretty incredible. I couldn't believe it. If I actually won the lottery, like, the entire jackpot, I'm pretty sure my heart would beat right out of my chest. Because I was so excited about matching four numbers that it took at least an hour for me to calm down after I realized it. I barely ever match one number so this was a huge deal! The bad news is that I have to change my normal lottery numbers now, don't I? I've been playing those numbers forever and I never win anything and now four of the six numbers were picked. What are the odds that will ever happen again? I know the odds are "reset" every time but blah blah blah...I need new numbers.

That is all.


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