2013-12-01 - 9:02 p.m.

Today one of my cats puked up two worms. This is definitely not on my Whismas list of approved activity. I've been doing lengthy internet research on worms for a few hours now and I feel itchy and uncomfortable now. I'm probably going to have to take another bath. I don't need to do this much research, I'm sure that it's roundworm and anyway, it doesn't matter...I'll be driving the worms (which Eric very happily dug out of the puke for me and placed in a plastic bag) to the vet tomorrow for identification. But man, once you start reading about worms it's kind of hard to stop reading, even if you do get all itchy and uncomfortable from doing so.

Whismas is going pretty well. Of course it's not perfect like I wanted it to be. I'm already out of money so I can't get my hair cut as planned (and anyway, I couldn't get an appointment for the day I wanted so it's OK that I'm out of money) and my facial on Friday SUCKED (not a shocker)(I'm back to thinking that I should go to facial lady school because I am sure I could make a lot of money BEING GOOD at my job instead of just being sucky and taking a lot of money from people like these other facial ladies on this side of the state do). Also, the plans I had for yesterday totally fell through at the last second so I wasted my entire day and that really pissed me off. And then today I woke up not really sure what I felt like doing so I wasted more time. Sigh. Hopefully the next few days are perfect. Tomorrow I would like to get up early-ish and let the cats out and do my chores and go for a walk and then go run whatever errands I have to run so that my birthday is errand/chore free. I would also like to possibly do something exciting. I'm getting bored with my life. I don't know though? What's exciting these days? Going to a new health food store? Maybe.

One great thing that just happened is like...crazy great. When we first moved to this area we went to this great restaurant. I got a club card for the place, a rewards card I guess. Every time we went I would have the card swiped but I never collected any rewards. And I never really thought about it because after the first two years we were here we kind of stopped going there with any regularity due to things like lack of finances, work schedules, things like that. So tonight we went and I gave my card to the server and then she came back with this weird look on her face and asked us if we had ever gotten any of our reward coupons? And I told her no, we hadn't. So she excuses herself and comes back and says, "well, this is your really lucky day I guess," and starts giving me these coupons. For starters I got a coupon for buy an entree get one free. Then, a SEVENTY FIVE DOLLAR gift card. AND, a free dinner for two with a bottle of champagne. AND, a four course dinner for FOUR with a bottle of champagne. AND AND AND...this is the best of the best...a six person chef's table dinner. Which means that the chef cooks just for us. Not from the menu...cooks a dinner just for us. I can't freaking believe it. I kept saying, "this isn't right," because I just can't believe, and I still don't, that we've been there enough in six years to have earned all of this. Eric was kicking me really hard under the table but I kept saying it. Because it just seems like something is not right. But anyway, even with my protestations, the gift cards and coupons were thrust at me. My mother very accurately describes this as one of my cake walks. When I was a kid I once won just about every cake (and loaf of bread)they had at the fair in a cake walk. I won every round. We had to load the cake and bread into the back of my dad's pick up truck and then give it all away to the neighbors because there was such a ridiculous amount. When I win, I win big. Which is why I'm pretty sure I'm winning the mega millions jackpot on Tuesday. It's my fortieth birthday, I need it.


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