2013-11-18 - 11:56 a.m.

I forgot to make record about the cat I finally managed to catch last week. We've been working on the little bugger since March or April. I think he's been around a while, I have vague recollections of seeing him in past years but it wasn't until this spring that he stopped trying to be totally elusive and started appearing for food at regular times. We haven't had a spring/summer/fall in four years now that we aren't busy being dedicated to some feral cat or another. Anyway, this guy is being terribly difficult. By this point in the timeline of the other cats we should be able to at least pet the little dude a little. But I still can't get within three feet of him. So I'm changing my game plan with him a bit. Since he already goes into the garage from time to time I am going to have to start trying to catch him while he's in there and closing the door. Hopefully he'll get used to me a little faster that way and he'll be happier in there at night when it gets cold once he finds the heating pads and fluffy houses. Last Monday when it started snowing he showed up well past dark and I just had a feeling that I could get him. So I opened the door to the garage and went back inside and waited a few minutes and then walked back out there and shut the door and sure enough, I had him! So I kept him locked in there for two days hoping that he would find his way to a bed and be comfortable. But he didn't really. The first day he shredded all the blinds on the windows in there and didn't eat anything. By the second day he was eating and way more relaxed and found a rug to sit on instead of the concrete. He would stare at me. I spent a fair amount of time out there with him, trying to get him to like me. By Wednesday the weather had gotten better and my other cats were freaking out because they couldn't go to the garage so I let him out. I'm not sure if he came back for dinner that night because I was at work but he did show up Thursday for lunch and again before I left for work. And he's been back at his normal times since then. I'm probably going to try to get him in the garage again today if I can because it's cold and nasty. I tried to get him in there last night too because of all the wind and rain and cold front coming through but he wasn't falling for any of my tricks. I gotta catch this guy, he's not neutered and needs to be ASAP. He doesn't fall for live trapping either.

So there, that is my record of the the first time I caught "Floofy". Unfortunately Diaryland is my best source of record keeping. I jot little notes on my calendar about happenings but there is only so much you can fit into a calendar square.

I just sent a text to the person who is scheduled to cover my bar shift next Saturday. It's supposed to be the first day of my vacation but I told her that I would take my shift back if she wanted me to. Because she is being a huge baby about it. Everybody hates tending bar at my restaurant. It is incredibly hard and the bartenders have a lot more work to do than the servers. Which is why the servers all bend over backwards to make sure that I am happy...because they know that if I quit or cut back on days one of them will have to tend bar. Suckers. I also make a lot more money than they do but apparently that doesn't matter to anybody, as long as they make enough money they are happy. There is a shut off point for the servers every night. Right around eight o'clock they all appear to just shut down for the night. So the prospect of tending bar and being there for another four hours at least must be horrifying! Anyway...this girl is being a huge jackass about having to work. I keep trying to explain to people that it IS a hard job and it DOES suck in a lot of ways, it's terribly stressful and exhausting which is WHY I need somebody, from time to time, to work a shift for me. That is WHY I need to take a break every so often. So suck it up and work your one Saturday night a year fucker! But she doesn't get it. So I told her I would take the shift back, the last thing the restaurant needs is a pissy bartender on a Saturday night. It would be a disaster. She hasn't responded yet, we'll see. I hope she decides to keep the shift and be cool about it.


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