2013-11-17 - 12:39 p.m.

I had a crazy busy week at work this week. For the next few months it's going to be like this. By Sunday, every week, I'm going to feel like I've been running marathons every day. Running marathons while being pursued by terrifying monsters. Because there is an element of panic in each busy day in a restaurant. It's that panic, that hurry, hurry rush that really gets to me. I love being busy but I kind of hate it when busy reaches panic levels. Last night was the worst of the four nights I worked. It was very busy and we were on a wait which meant I had an extra long line of people filtering up to the bar for drinks on top of making drinks for the entire restaurant and serving the people who had seats at the bar. And to make it worse...people were ordering the hell out of the specialty cocktails last night. I was muddling and shaking everything it seems like. So today I am done. I half woke this morning around six and felt so shitty and exhausted that I decided that I was just going to stay in bed today. So it was to my utter relief that when I woke again at 11:30 I found it to be the most rainy, miserable day possible. Had the sun been shining I probably would have changed my mind about staying in bed.

So that's what I am going to do today. I'm going to stay in bed. I'm not even going to go out to buy stuff for dinner. I'll make whatever I can with what we have here (which isn't a lot). I'm going to drink a pot of tea and I'm going to read and I'm going to write as many words as I can for my "novel" (I'm over 18,000 words now but I'd like to get a good cushion going because I know there are going to be a few days coming up that I'm not going to have time to sit around and write two thousand words). Maybe I'll watch a movie.

Hopefully taking a day off of everything will help me be a monster of getting things done on Monday and Tuesday. I really need to get a lot done. I've been so busy in life that I hardly have time for anything at all. I've had a box of wine corks on my table for a month now that I am supposed to send to a friend for some project and I haven't even had time to get to the post office which is five minutes from my house. Pathetic. I just have to remember that I have three more work days and then I am off for a week. Not that I'll have time to get anything done during that time since it's Thanksgiving and Whismas but it will be nice to know that I can take my time doing things each day and that there won't be nine hour chunks out of my day that I have to spend being nice to fucktards and running my ass off.


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