2013-10-28 - 11:44 p.m.

I will probably have to start my Nanowrimo crap a few days early. Because I am so damn busy! Ugh! There is no way possible I could get that thing done in thirty days. I have no time for anything anymore.

I have to buy a stupid Halloween costume tomorrow. I don't have time for this shit. But I can't be the only person not dressed up at work. I become disgruntled about this whole thing. I feel like working on Halloween is kind of like paying to work. I have to buy a costume and it's a slow-ish night anyway so yeah, I basically lose money when working on Halloween. Suck.

Had a shitty day today of things not going well. The sink got clogged and plunging it didn't work so I got out the shop vac and turned it on and it blew up. So the sink is still not working and now the shop vac is busted and I keep having this horrible thought that, because we have been negligent and are losers, our septic tank is going to overflow again. Because the shop vac isn't working and that's the only thing that can save us in that situation. I would call a septic tank place tomorrow but I have zero money to do so. Maybe Eric has money to do it but he has no time. He neglected to return a call to the insurance company because he has been so busy lately and so they cut me off the insurance and so I got a huge bill from my gynecologist. All because Eric didn't return a fucking call. And so now everything has to be resubmitted but in the meantime, I own a huge amount of money. Anyway. Eric has no time. I get it. This isn't working the way we have it set up.


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