2013-10-14 - 10:28 p.m.

I am in freakout mode. One of my cats started sneezing today which means it's time for the yearly fall respiratory virus to go through here. Ok. Ok. Ok. FUCK. I don't know what to do about Bear. This is not good. If he gets this is might very well be the end. This is what happened to my Bubby...he was compromised already with that asthma business and then this yearly virus came through and...well...yeah. FUCK. I'm dumping large quantities of lysine into their food and CoQ10 and I bleached everything to hell today and tomorrow I'll do it again and I'll get the steam mop out and I'll just steam mop 24 hours a day. FUCK. I wish I had some place to take him until this virus gets out of here. But taking him to the vet would do no good, there are more viruses there plus the stress of the cage. Maybe I should hole him up in the spare bedroom? Maybe, yes!? Maybe.


In other news. Physical therapy is great. I still don't want to go because I am a baby about going anywhere at any specific time. But it's good. I feel good. I have actually had a couple days when my back didn't hurt AT ALL. And now she has my muscles stabilized and retrained and we are working on rebuilding my core and learning some important stretches and it is all divine. The stretching is divine.

I have a friend who is undergoing major surgery on Wednesday for cancer. I am struggling to think of something awesome to buy for her. This surgery will change the rest of her life in a pretty dreadful way and of course, there is always the fear that the removal of the things they are removing won't get all the cancer. I won't be able to visit her (she's in France) but Eric is going to see her in the hospital on Saturday. By some serious stroke of luck he had a business trip to France scheduled that week. So he's going to surprise her. She will be absolutely stunned and over the top happy to see him. I want to send along a perfectly wonderful little gift for her but I just can't think of anything. The only thing I keep thinking of is trashy American magazines. Because I like to read trashy magazines when I'm sick in bed.


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