2013-09-05 - 11:57 a.m.

Still haven't caught that cat but I've gotten a bunch of raccoons. I feel so bad! I wish there were another way. I'm actually starting to doubt this little plan but I don't think I have any chance of catching Chester if I don't do this. And I really, really, really want to get that guy back into his home. It's not often that I see a cat outside who has an actual home to go back to and people who are actually excited to have him returned. So I shall continue to traumatize the raccoons. Maybe they'll learn not to go into traps this way and will prevent them from going into the traps all my stupid neighbors set for them. (I so detest the practice of raccoon trapping that prevails around here...people are so ridiculous about it. OK, if you have a raccoon in your attic maybe you do need to trap it and take it outside but these people just trap raccoons thinking that eventually they will trap every raccoon in the area and that they won't have raccoon problems anymore. Here at my house we take measures to prevent those problems. We put latching lids on our garbage, for example...)

Anyway. I've decided to not just give up on Bear. I've decided that I am going to ignore the hypothesis of four different doctors and I'm going to treat him for everything I can. Yesterday I started him on a mega dose of rutin because I read a few studies of cats with something that causes that chyle to build up in the chest cavity (like he has) and they were treated with this vitamin and having their chest drained every so often. I'm hoping I don't have to get his fluid drained again but I think I have to. I called my vet the other day to ask whether the fluid they had gotten was tested for bacteria or fungus and it WASN'T. WHY THE FUCK NOT???? She tells me that bacteria can be ruled out because there weren't neutrophils or something in the fluid but fungus can't be ruled out because it wasn't tested for that. I feel like I need to be a vet just to take my cat to the vet so that I can actually get them to do comprehensive tests. This is starting to get ridiculous. I'm a little pissed, actually.

So that is it. Beautiful day today.


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