2013-08-15 - 1:38 a.m.

Well, that was quite a night at work. A couple more nights like that and I will be able to pay off the horrible vet bill that poor kitten's tragedy created.

We were totally not expecting to be THAT busy tonight. I mean, Wednesdays can be busy but holy fuc*! It was incredible. I don't often feel like I am going to panic from being fact, I NEVER feel that panic but tonight I almost panicked. it turns out we were so busy because everybody and their brother (and their aunts and uncles) turned out for the stupid ch33secake factory grand opening down the road and there was a four hour wait so we got a bunch of the runoff from that. It is SOOO disappointing that the stupid ch33secake factory brings in that much business that they had a FOUR HOUR WAIT. Wow. Especially because within a mile radius there are numerous great restaurants that aren't the stupid ch33secake factory. People disgust me.

Anyway, I made a shit ton of money. So good. I need it. Desperately.

The last couple days...what with the emergency vet bill and Bears specialist bill and possibly another big bill for him should I decide that I am going to pursue an absolute diagnosis (I have a lot of thinking to do) and the list of things I want to have done before I turn a pathetic forty...I've been really focused on money. I need it. So I got real motivated yesterday. I spent about four hours cleaning out my Honda and I went out and bought a for sale sign and transferred all my stuff from the Prius to the Honda so I could drive the Honda from now until I sell it (in order to advertise it). Today I went out and taped the sign to the window and then turned the car on to test all the lights (I haven't driven the except for brief little jogs to the store in about a year) before I drove it to work (and home again in the middle of the night). I felt very, very progressive and excited. And then, at three thirty, I went to leave for work and found that I had left the stupid headlights on all day and the battery was dead. So I had to transfer everything back to the Prius and the Honda sits another day, useless in the driveway. (well, not useless, it provides great protection to that stray cat we feed and to all the raccoons and opossums.)

It seems to be a very symbolic episode in this story of my life.


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