2013-08-01 - 1:51 a.m.

I live trapped a kitten tonight at work. I first saw it on Saturday on the patio eating an old, trampled french fry at midnight. The thing made eye contact with me and well, you know, if you make eye contact with me I have to take care of you. So I left instructions for the closing bartender to leave food for the kitten on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the same spot so that on Wednesday I could set the trap and catch it. And it worked. I caught the damn kitten exactly like I had planned. I didn't want to have to wait around all night nor did I want to leave the trap set and catch it (or something else) while nobody was there. (that is one thing I hate about live trapping things is that people will set the trap and then not check it again until morning which means that whatever is trapped is trapped all night and that is an awful thought for me.) So. I hurried some people off the patio (they had been sipping water for an hour! TIME TO GO! I had a kitten to catch) and I set the trap with some anchovies and I did my closing work and then, right when I finished I heard the trap slam shut! Amazing! So now I have a terribly feral kitten (probably not more than eight weeks old) in my bathroom. I have no idea what I am going to do now. I have a couple options. The rational choice is to take it to a rescue group in Warren and get its shots and get it fixed (if it weighs two pounds at least they will fix it but I'm not sure it weighs two pounds). I can get this done for about fifty dollars through this rescue group. Then, release it back where I found it. (or find a home for it which is an impossible thing) Choice two is to take it to my vet and pay $300 for the same things. The thing about this choice is that I could possibly talk them into keeping the kitten and putting it up for adoption through them. And, driving to my vet is a whole lot easier. I don't know. I'm just going to keep it in the bathroom for a day and maybe a clear choice will come to me.

I don't want a kitten. I don't like kittens. And, I know I am crazy and all that but I really DO have a plan to not have so many cats someday. Most of my cats are old. The (sad) reality is that in five to ten years my cat population is going to be greatly diminished. I really only have a few young cats. I would like to keep it that way. I would like it someday if I didn't have to clean litter boxes and food dishes and water dishes every day. I would like it if I didn't have to do a thousand loads of laundry every day. I would like to be able to go on vacation someday. Like, even for a couple days.

So yeah, a kitten. A REALLY cute kitten. Anybody interested in taking a poor little kitten and giving it a really nice life?


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