2013-07-23 - 9:33 p.m.

I get AT LEAST three instances an evening where somebody either calls me Kate or asks me if I know that I look like Kate Middleton. AT LEAST. I kind of love it. What I don't love is this jackass woman who rattles on and on every time she comes in about how much I look like Kate and how I should start charging to make appearances "really, I'm not joking, you SHOULD!". When Kate first got pregnant this woman would ask very loudly, "HOW IS THE BABY?" and everybody would whip around in their barstools to look at me. Lately every time this woman has been coming in she's been asking, "DID YOU HAVE YOUR BABY YET?" and everybody in ear shot whips around excitedly with big expectant smiles and I have to explain to everybody that, no, I am NOT pregnant (just a fatty) and that this woman is nutso. Anyway. Now that the baby is born I imagine things are going to be worse for me for a while.

What a lovely day today turned out to be! I got called into work on Sunday morning. Which sucked so many things. I had to get up early, I lost a day of chores, the cats didn't get to go out and I only made twenty six dollars. I was only there for four hours but when you consider that there was forty minutes of getting ready time and an hour of commute...that's a lot of hours spent for only twenty six dollars. I am not really complaining, I hardly ever have to work Sundays and even if I am on call on Sundays usually my boss just ignores that fact if somebody calls in. She really treats me very well. Very well. But anyway, I had to work and so Sunday was shot. I was exhausted by the time I got home and didn't have energy for anything but making nachos and sitting comatose in front of the TV. So on Monday I had two days of chores to complete. And I did it! I worked my ass off yesterday. Finally at eleven o'clock last night I got into bed and watched some TV and read and went to bed. (kind of the cats didn't come home last night so I had yet another night of half assed sleeping and watching the camera feed, he finally showed up at seven this morning and promptly went to bed on his heating pad for the rest of the day) So today when I finally did wake up it was lovely and rainy-stormy. So I sat in bed for a couple hours with tea and cats and read a magazine. Then I got up and did an hour of yoga. Then I did a couple chores and made some lunch and then spent some time organizing my jewelry and making a couple new pieces for the week. Last week I was so frustrated because every time I got ready for work I would decide on a necklace and then, when I went to get the matching earrings, would find only one earring of the set. Then I would have to change my mind about the necklace and it would turn into an ordeal. So now I have all matching earrings. Whew.

Now I am in bed again. I think I will watch a little TV and then read. Hopefully fall asleep early so I can get up early enough to go for a walk tomorrow before work. This weather is divine. I put an extra blanket on my bed tonight. Maybe I can wear sweatpants too!


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