2013-07-12 - 2:48 a.m.

Oh my god I can't wait to get my life back. I'm freaking out. I am a ball of stress. I feel like my nerves are frazzled. Like, literally just sizzled to a frazzle.

I fell down the stairs tonight. A cat ran in front of me as usual but instead of being focused and aware of the cats and of myself I had walked in from work to booming music and lots of voices and the god damn A/C was on even though it's LOVELY outside and I was all confused and agitated and the cat ran in from of me and I fell and really hurt myself and freaked the cat out and...ugh. Ugh.

I've had little bits of fun having house guests. I went out on Tuesday to Royal Oak which is something I would have never done if I wasn't entertaining somebody. It was nice to spend some time with some friends for once. It's been good to mix up my weeks a little. I've gone out for lunches with wine even.

Still. I can't wait for Monday. It was announced today that there is going to be another party here on Sunday and I spoke of my disapproval and my friend asked why I was so against it and the reason is that I want to make sure Eric is GONE on Monday. He drops our houseguest off at the airport and then he needs to go to work. I need some solitude and I need to get back to the routine. If we have a party on Sunday Eric will surely figure out a way to take Monday off. See, now I am just being rude and selfish. Eric SHOULD party and take Monday off. Fine. OK. The week after that better be normal though.


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