2013-07-05 - 10:53 p.m.

Well god damn. I spent all that time last week cleaning and preparing and grocery shopping and making cakes and cookies and the whole time I kept thinking to myself, "it's OK, on Friday you will be all alone with a night off work and you can float around in the pool all afternoon alone and have peace and quiet."

Well. Nope.

The boys decided to stay here again instead of going to Grand Rapids for he night as originally planned. So I've been really grouchy all day. It's going to be a long week. Since Eric took this entire week off work, I haven't had any private time since last Tuesday and I won't have any private time again until the 15th. Which is almost unbearable for me. I'm already coming out of my skin. I need some space. Anyway. You can bet your bottom dollar that on the fifteenth I am going to do nothing but float around silently in that god damn pool all by myself.

Enough with the complaining though. Our fourth of July/Eric's birthday party was lots of fun. I didn't mind it one bit. Especially since everybody drank themselves under the table by midnight so I had a few hours to putter about by myself last night after they all passed out. If we could have parties that ended at midnight I wouldn't be so opposed to them. Eric is now all raring to have a huge party here because last night was such a success. He keeps his lasers and disco balls in Muskegon at his best friends house because I am not "down" with that sort of behavior. They have big laser parties over there which I will have nothing to do with because I am not that sort of person. Anyway, Eric wants to bring his lasers back over here and have a laser party in our backyard. I am seriously hoping he has forgotten about this.

I have to go to work tomorrow. I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Especially since I am pretty sure the boys are going to go to Grand Rapids tomorrow since they didn't go today. Which means the house will be empty and quiet and I won't be here to enjoy it. I hate work.


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